What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

When you buy or sell a home, you need to work with a real estate agent. But what

exactly does a real estate agent do? A real estate agent is licensed by a state board

to facilitate property transactions. They may specialize in residential or commercial

properties, and they are generally required to have certain certifications. They are

also expected to have deep knowledge of local market conditions, state real estate

law and common practices in their area.


A buyer’s agent, for example, works with buyers to find homes that meet their needs

and budget. They will scour listings and properties online and in person to find

options, schedule viewings and help their clients make an offer. They will then

negotiate prices on behalf of their client, and they will assist with the closing process

and any other legal tasks associated with buying a home. For more https://www.soundhomebuyer.com/


Sellers also rely on real estate agents for advice and guidance. They will help them

determine a listing price by pulling comps and providing data on recent sales of

similar homes in the neighborhood. They will then list the property for sale, actively

market it and host open houses to attract potential buyers. They will manage

various legal actions and documents on the seller’s behalf, including preparing, filing

and submitting paperwork for a real estate sale.


While it is possible to purchase or sell a home without an agent, it is a complex and

time-consuming process. Depending on your goals and the type of property you’re

looking for, an agent can save you valuable time and money.


Real estate agents must complete a certain amount of training and pass an exam to

earn their license. In some cases, they may also be required to have additional

certifications or credentials. If you’re thinking about hiring an agent, look for

someone with a track record of success and ask them for references. You should

also check the state real estate board website to see if they have any records of

disciplinary action against them.


In some states, agents can choose to represent both buyers and sellers. This is

known as dual agency, and it can create a conflict of interest. If an agent represents

both parties, they must disclose that fact to their clients and make sure their

loyalties are clear.


Regardless of whether they’re representing the buyer or the seller, an agent’s job is

to provide their clients with as much information as possible about the property and

the real estate transaction. They will answer questions, explain different financing

options and offer their opinion on what makes a good deal. They will also act as go betweens, conveying offers and counteroffers between the principal parties. They

will also help their clients with inspections, advise on moving services and other

aspects of the transaction that must be completed before a sale is finalized. The

closing process often involves several parties, including the agent’s client, a title or

escrow company and a mortgage lender.