How To Design A Map Quiz That Even A Cartographer Would Love

Q. How can I design an interesting map quiz?

A. You can not. At least you can not in case you intend to layout a map quiz where you draw a few geographical areas and then ask “Where is South America?”. While that might clearly qualify as a map quiz, it would not make the grade of an “exciting” map quiz.

There is a skinny line among geography quiz and map quiz. Once you move that line, and break out from the easy geography, you could make a map quiz downright exciting.

For instance, you would possibly design a map quiz that asks questions on how maps are honestly made. A lot of people don’t comprehend the magic this is needed to constitute a round world on a flat piece of paper. Questions alongside this line could be very enlightening.

Another outstanding set of map quiz questions could cope with the way to navigate a deliver the use of charts and 2 dividers. You should ask them to determine how many nautical miles it’s far between two factors.

Maybe you need to combine a map quiz with a scavenger or treasure hunt. Bury some thing treasured someplace and then create treasure maps. The map quiz ought to ask questions that may handiest be replied through reading the map. As each question gets answered the individual receives closer to locating the prize.

Another exceptional idea might be to provide a complex hassle that must be solved by being capable of study and apprehend a map very well. Here’s an example:

You have 10 days excursion and determine to take a vehicle journey around the United States.

You can power no extra than 10 hours according to day and you may pressure no faster than 55 miles according to hour.

Your experience must begin and cease in the equal State. Other than that, you may now not visit any state more than as soon as.

You must go out a nation at the opposite border which you entered it from. For instance, in case you entered a state from the North, you ought to go out from the South. If you entered from the Northeast, you must exit from the Southwest.

At the end of every 10 hour length you should spend the night (14 hours) in a town or city whose call contains the letter “e”.

Using the map, mark your each day direction, along with the quantity of miles driven, and circle the name of the metropolis or city that you spent the night time in. Be certain to write down the day # as well.

The person who visits the most states in the 10 day length wins.

That need to be a map quiz so that it will be remembered for a while to come back.

Remember, a map quiz would not ought to be stupid and boring; use your imagination to increase a map quiz that demanding situations and stimulates.