Benefits of bulk email lists for marketing your business

Let’s look at some recent statistics that show the importance of email marketing as something you should consider in the year 2016.

More than 70 percent of marketers believe the importance of email marketing as a key element in their businesses

60% of marketers believe that email is an important service or product in 2014, while 42 percent of marketers in 2014.

20 percent of marketers claim that their company’s principal source of revenue is directly tied to the operation of email.

A majority of businesses employ email teams of between 2 and 3 people.

74% of marketers believe email will generate or will yield an ROI in the near future.

For 69.7 per cent of US internet users email is the preferred method of communication with companies.

5 Reasons Why You Should Think about the use of bulk emails for marketing for 2016

Let’s forget about the statistics and the data for moment and consider the practical reasons to be sending emails for your company.

Here’s a practical guideline and the beliefs of this author to ask for from your list of email marketing business;

Some bulk email software’s permit users to send an unlimited amount of emails. It is fully automated and in line with ethical email marketing practices and the 2003 can-spam act to eliminate opt-outs and non-deliverables. They also have spam score checkers and many more features which are that are automatically added to any bulk email on the web software platform.

With web-based software, there’s no need to download or install. You can log in to your online account from anywhere in order to manage, send and track your campaigns. This is a benefit since emails do not originate from your internet connection or email account, and you can also add or remove IP addresses and domains for long-term campaign viability.

No set-up costs and no contracts are accepted these days. You should opt for the month-to-month billing option that allows you to have the option of cancelling anytime you want and, more importantly, the option of a pro-rated system for billing so that it is possible to upgrade and downgrade at any time and only pay the difference in price. This is crucial because it will help keep your costs in check and will allow you to expand by implementing a new sales strategy.

The purchase of emails from a reliable email list service can enable you to select specific categories for determining your target audience prior to sending. This gives you the chance to test different categories you’ve previously missed by other advertisements, and allowing you to discover new opportunities for marketing.

Create unique open and clicker list. This is highly effective since it creates new databases for email lists for future campaigns. It’s an effective marketing method to begin implementing from the beginning. The contacts will be automatically added to brand new email list databases, and they can be built automatically for your every when you send an email marketing campaign.

3 Things to Consider For When Getting Started With Email Marketing For the first time

An email marketing campaign could be getting more exciting the second, but not as quickly! If you’re ready to get into marketing via email, you may be, but there are some additional things to consider before you begin sending your first marketing email.

Marketing via email isn’t easy and requires some additional training like all software. A successful email marketing strategy requires time and practice. You should also be sure to check your ads for errors in grammar and spelling, format as well as other mistakes. Always try a split test with several different advertisements and subject headers, then run with the most effective one. Many people make the mistake of trying to run one ad for all of the people on the audience, but split it up and think about the longevity.

A basic feature that you must request from your email list along with bulk mail Software Company you choose to send and manage your campaigns: No setup fees Monthly billing, pro-rated so that you can increase or decrease your sending capacity whenever you want, it offers both email lists as well as email software under one brand. has support available and the ability to contact them by phone or email A company with an reputation and history online. Select your email marketing firm with care.

If you are shopping around, make sure you select a firm that provides everything you need for email marketing under one roof. this ensures their accountability and increases confidence among consumers. There are a variety of firms that offer email marketing solutions, but they do not provide list of email addresses and the capability to send via an online-based program all under the same umbrella.